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1.4.1 - 2023-10-09


  • Client: allow setting client's endpoint via environment variable #2151 @mars-lan
    Enables setting this endpoint via environment variable because creating the client manually in Airflow is not possible.
  • Flink: expand Iceberg source types #2149 @HuangZhenQiu
    Adds support for FlinkIcebergSource and FlinkIcebergTableSource for Flink Iceberg lineage.
  • Spark: add debug facet #2147 @pawel-big-lebowski
    An extra run facet containing some system details (e.g., OS, Java, Scala version), classpath (e.g., package versions, jars included in the Spark job), SparkConf (like openlineage entries except auth, specified extensions, etc.) and LogicalPlan details (execution tree nodes' names) are added to events emitted. SparkConf setting spark.openlineage.debugFacet=enabled needs to be set to include the facet. By default, the debug facet is disabled.
  • Spark: enable Nessie REST catalog #2165 @julwin
    Adds support for Nessie catalog in Spark.