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1.3.1 - 2023-10-03


  • Airflow: add some basic stats to the Airflow integration #1845 @harels
    Uses the statsd component that already exists in the Airflow codebase and wraps the section that emits to event with a timer, as well as emitting a counter for exceptions in sending the event.
  • Airflow: add columns as schema facet for airflow.lineage.Table (if defined) #2138 @erikalfthan
    Adds columns (if set) from airflow.lineage.Table inlets/outlets to the OpenLineage Dataset.
  • DBT: add SQLSERVER to supported dbt profile types #2136 @erikalfthan
    Adds support for dbt-sqlserver, solving #2129.
  • Spark: support for latest 3.5 #2118 @pawel-big-lebowski
    Integration tests are now run on Spark 3.5. Also upgrades 3.3 branch to 3.3.3. Please note that delta and iceberg are not supported for Spark 3.5 at this time.


  • Airflow: fix find-links path in tox #2139 @JDarDagran
    Fixes a broken link.
  • Airflow: add more graceful logging when no OpenLineage provider installed #2141 @JDarDagran
    Recognizes a failed import of airflow.providers.openlineage and adds more graceful logging to fix a corner case.
  • Spark: fix bug in PathUtils' prepareDatasetIdentifierFromDefaultTablePath(CatalogTable) to correctly preserve scheme from CatalogTable's location #2142 @d-m-h
    Previously, the prepareDatasetIdentifierFromDefaultTablePath method would override the scheme with the value of "file" when constructing a dataset identifier. It now uses the scheme of the CatalogTable's URI for this. Thank you @pawel-big-lebowski for the quick triage and suggested fix.