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1.0.0 - 2023-08-01


  • Airflow: convert lineage from legacy File definition #2006 @mobuchowski
    Adds coverage for File entity definition to enhance backwards compatibility.


  • Spec: remove facet ref from core #1997 @JDarDagran
    Removes references to facets from the core spec that broke compatibility with JSON schema specification.


  • Airflow: change log level to DEBUG when extractor isn't found #2012 @kaxil
    Changes log level from WARNING to DEBUG when an extractor is not available.
  • Airflow: make sure we cannot fail in thread despite direct execution #2010 @mobuchowski
    Ensures the listener is not failing tasks, even in unlikely scenarios.


  • Airflow: stop using reusable session by default, do not send full event on Snowflake complete #2025 @mobuchowski
    Fixes the issue of the Snowflake connector clashing with HttpTransport by disabling automatic requests session reuse and not running SnowflakeExtractor again on job completion.
  • Client: fix error message to avoid confusion #2001 @mars-lan
    Fixes the error message in HttpTransport in the case of a null URL.