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0.6.0 - 2022-03-04


  • Extract source code of PythonOperator code similar to SQL facet @mobuchowski
  • Add DatasetLifecycleStateDatasetFacet to spec @pawel-big-lebowski
  • Airflow: extract source code from BashOperator @mobuchowski
  • Add generic facet to collect environmental properties (EnvironmentFacet) @harishsune
  • OpenLineage sensor for OpenLineage-Dagster integration @dalinkim
  • Java-client: make generator generate enums as well @pawel-big-lebowski
  • Added UnknownOperatorAttributeRunFacet to Airflow integration to record operators that don't produce lineage @collado-mike


  • Airflow: increase import timeout in tests, fix exit from integration @mobuchowski
  • Reduce logging level for import errors to info @rossturk
  • Remove AWS secret keys and extraneous Snowflake parameters from connection uri @collado-mike
  • Convert to LifecycleStateChangeDatasetFacet @pawel-big-lebowski