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0.19.2 - 2023-01-04


  • Airflow: add Trino extractor #1288 @sekikn
    Adds a Trino extractor to the Airflow integration.
  • Airflow: add S3FileTransformOperator extractor #1450 @sekikn
    Adds an S3FileTransformOperator extractor to the Airflow integration.
  • Airflow: add standardized run facet #1413 @JDarDagran
    Creates one standardized run facet for the Airflow integration.
  • Airflow: add NominalTimeRunFacet and OwnershipJobFacet #1410 @JDarDagran
    Adds nominalEndTime and OwnershipJobFacet fields to the Airflow integration.
  • dbt: add support for postgres datasources #1417 @julienledem
    Adds the previously unsupported postgres datasource type.
  • Proxy: add client-side proxy (skeletal version) #1439 #1420 @fm100
    Implements a skeletal version of a client-side proxy.
  • Proxy: add CI job to publish Docker image #1086 @wslulciuc
    Includes a script to build and tag the image plus jobs to verify the build on every CI run and publish to Docker Hub.
  • SQL: add ExtractionErrorRunFacet #1442 @mobuchowski
    Adds a facet to the spec to reflect internal processing errors, especially failed or incomplete parsing of SQL jobs.
  • SQL: add column-level lineage to SQL parser #1432 #1461 @mobuchowski @StarostaGit
    Adds support for extracting column-level lineage from SQL statements in the parser, including adjustments to Rust-Python and Rust-Java interfaces and the Airflow integration's SQL extractor to make use of the feature. Also includes more tests, removal of the old parser, and removal of the common-build cache in CI (which was breaking the parser).
  • Spark: pass config parameters to the OL client #1383 @tnazarew
    Adds a mechanism for making new lineage consumers transparent to the integration, easing the process of setting up new types of consumers.


  • Airflow: fix collect_ignore, add flags to Pytest for cleaner output #1437 @JDarDagran
    Removes the extractors directory from the ignored list, improving unit testing.
  • Spark & Java client: fix README typos @versaurabh
    Fixes typos in the SPDX license headers.