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0.18.0 - 2022-12-08


  • Airflow: support SQLExecuteQueryOperator #1379 @JDarDagran
    Changes the SQLExtractor and adds support for the dynamic assignment of extractors based on conn_type.
  • Airflow: introduce a new extractor for SFTPOperator #1263 @sekikn
    Adds an extractor for tracing file transfers between local file systems.
  • Airflow: add Sagemaker extractors #1136 @fhoda
    Creates extractors for SagemakeProcessingOperator and SagemakerTransformOperator.
  • Airflow: add S3 extractor for Airflow operators #1166 @fhoda
    Creates an extractor for the S3CopyObject in the Airflow integration.
  • Spec: add spec file for ExternalQueryRunFacet #1262 @howardyoo
    Adds a spec file to make this facet available for the Java client. Includes a README.
  • Docs: add a TSC doc #1303 @merobi-hub
    Adds a document listing the members of the Technical Steering Committee.


  • Spark: improve Databricks to send better events #1330 @pawel-big-lebowski
    Filters unwanted events and provides a meaningful job name.
  • Spark-Bigquery: fix a few of the common errors #1377 @mobuchowski
    Fixes a few of the common issues with the Spark-Bigquery integration and adds an integration test and configures CI.
  • Python: validate eventTime field in Python client #1355 @pawel-big-lebowskiValidates the eventTime of a RunEvent within the client library.
  • Databricks: Handle Databricks Runtime 11.3 changes to DbFsUtils constructor #1351 @wjohnson
    Recaptures lost mount point information from the DatabricksEnvironmentFacetBuilder and environment-properties facet by looking at the number of parameters in the DbFsUtils constructor to determine the runtime version.