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0.15.1 - 2022-10-05


  • Airflow: improve development experience #1101 @JDarDagran
    Adds an interactive development environment to the Airflow integration and improves integration testing.
  • Spark: add description for URL parameters in readme, change overwriteName to appName #1130 @tnazarew
    Adds more information about passing arguments with spark.openlineage.url and changes overwriteName to appName for clarity.
  • Documentation: update issue templates for proposal & add new integration template #1116 @rossturk
    Adds a YAML issue template for new integrations and fixes a bug in the proposal template.


  • Airflow: lazy load BigQuery client #1119 @mobuchowski
    Moves import of the BigQuery client from top level to local level to decrease DAG import time.


  • Airflow: fix UUID generation conflict for Airflow DAGs with same name #1056 @collado-mike
    Adds a namespace to the UUID calculation to avoid conflicts caused by DAGs having the same name in different namespaces in Airflow deployments.
  • Spark/BigQuery: fix issue with spark-bigquery-connector >=0.25.0 #1111 @pawel-big-lebowski
    Makes the Spark integration compatible with the latest connector.
  • Spark: fix column lineage #1069 @pawel-big-lebowski
    Fixes a null pointer exception error and an error when openlineage.timeout is not provided.
  • Spark: set log level of Init OpenLineageContext to DEBUG #1064 @varuntestaz
    Prevents sensitive information from being logged unless debug mode is used.
  • Java client: update version of SnakeYAML #1090 @TheSpeedding
    Bumps the SnakeYAML library version to include a key bug fix.
  • dbt: remove requirement for OPENLINEAGE_URL to be set #1107 @mobuchowski
    Removes erroneous check for OPENLINEAGE_URL in the dbt integration.
  • Python client: remove potentially cyclic import #1126 @mobuchowski
    Hides imports to remove potentially cyclic import.
  • CI: build macos release package on medium resource class #1131 @mobuchowski
    Fixes failing build due to resource class being too large.