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Supported Airflow versions


This page is about Airflow's external integration that works mainly for Airflow versions <2.7. If you're using Airflow 2.7+, look at native Airflow OpenLineage provider documentation.

The ongoing development and enhancements will be focused on the apache-airflow-providers-openlineage package, while the openlineage-airflow will primarily be updated for bug fixes.


Airflow 2.7+

This package should not be used starting with Airflow 2.7.0 and can not be used with Airflow 2.8+. It was designed as Airflow's external integration that works mainly for Airflow versions <2.7. For Airflow 2.7+ use the native Airflow OpenLineage provider package apache-airflow-providers-openlineage.

Airflow 2.3 - 2.6

The integration automatically registers itself starting from Airflow 2.3 if it's installed on the Airflow worker's Python. This means you don't have to do anything besides configuring where the events are sent, which is described in the configuration section.

Airflow 2.1 - 2.2

Integration for those versions has limitations: it does not support tracking failed jobs, and job starts are registered only when a job ends (a LineageBackend-based approach collects all metadata for a task on each task's completion).

To make OpenLineage work, in addition to installing openlineage-airflow you need to set your LineageBackend in your airflow.cfg or via environmental variable AIRFLOW__LINEAGE__BACKEND to


The OpenLineageBackend does not take into account manually configured inlets and outlets.

Airflow <2.1

OpenLineage does not work with versions older than Airflow 2.1.