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OpenLineage defines the metadata produced by pipelines and consumed by observability tools. A configurable backend allows the user to select a protocol for receiving events. Services using the OpenLineage standard can either consume or produce metadata.


Amundsen logo
Amundsen's OpenLineageTableLineageExtractor extracts table lineage information from OpenLineage events.
Astronomer logo
Astronomer's Astro uses the openlineage-airflow library to extract lineage from Airflow tasks and stores that data in the Astro control plane. The Astronomer UI then renders a graph and list of all tasks and datasets that include OpenLineage data.
atlan logo
Atlan's OpenLineage integration uses job facets to catalog operational metadata from pipelines, enrich existing assets, and provide persona-based lineage information using OpenLineage SDKs.
Egeria logo
Egeria's OpenLineage integration can capture OpenLineage events directly via HTTP or the proxy backend.
Google logo
The Google Cloud Data Catalog supports importing OpenLineage events through the Data Lineage API to display in the Dataplex UI alongside lineage information from Google Cloud services including Dataproc.
Manta logo
Manta's OpenLineage Scanner uses job facets to ingest OpenLineage metadata and enrich overall enterprise data pipeline analysis.
Marquez logo
Marquez is a metadata server offering an OpenLineage-compatible endpoint for real-time collection of information about running jobs and applications.
Metaphor logo
Metaphor's HTTP endpoint processes OpenLineage events and extracts lineage, data quality metadata, and job facets to enable data governance and data enablement across an organization.
Microsoft logo
The Azure Databricks to Purview Lineage Connector transfers OpenLineage events from Spark operations in Azure Databricks to Microsoft Purview, allowing one to see a table-level lineage graph of operations in Databricks notebooks and jobs.
Snowflake logo
Snowflake's OpenLineage Adapter creates an account-scoped view from ACCESS_HISTORY and QUERY_HISTORY to output each query that accesses tables in OpenLineage JsonSchema specification.


Airflow logo
A library integrates Airflow DAGs for automatic metadata collection.
Dagster logo
A library converts Dagster events to OpenLineage events and emits them to an OpenLineage backend.
dbt logo
A wrapper script uses the OpenLineage client for automatic collection of metadata from dbt.
Egeria logo
Egeria's OpenLineage integration publishes events to lineage integration connectors with OpenLineage listeners registered in the same instance of the Lineage Integrator OMIS.
Flink logo
The OpenLineage Flink Agent uses jvm instrumentation to emit OpenLineage metadata.
Google logo
The Google Cloud Data Catalog's Data Lineage API enables importing OpenLineage events using the ProcessOpenLineageRunEvent REST API method and mapping OpenLineage facets to Data Lineage API attributes.
Great Expectations logo
The OpenLineageValidationAction collects dataset metadata from Great Expectations' ValidationAction.
Keboola logo
Keboola's OpenLineage integration automatically pushes all job information to an OpenLineage-compatible API endpoint.
Spark logo
The OpenLineage Spark Agent uses jvm instrumentation to emit OpenLineage metadata.