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2023 Ecosystem Survey

· One min read

Our first Ecosystem Survey is now live. Please take a moment to share your opinions and hopes for OpenLineage.

An Important Measure and Milestone

This Ecosystem Survey, our first ever, is an effort to gauge how well we are serving our partners and users and to gain a better understanding of your needs.

We plan to conduct a survey like this on an annual basis.

The questions focus on users':

  • views on how we should prioritize supporting various tooling categories (e.g., orchestrators),
  • views on how we should prioritize supporting specific tools in each category,
  • organizations and roles,
  • use cases,
  • motivations for choosing the project,
  • experience of this community,
  • alternatives you explored,
  • and more (but not much!).

Note: it might appear longer than it is due to the large number of optional questions. Not all questions apply to all use cases.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help us chart the course of OpenLineage!

We look forward to sharing the results.