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An open framework for data lineage collection and analysis

Data lineage is the foundation for a new generation of powerful, context-aware data tools and best practices. OpenLineage enables consistent collection of lineage metadata, creating a deeper understanding of how data is produced and used.

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About the Project

OpenLineage is an open platform for collection and analysis of data lineage. It tracks metadata about datasets, jobs, and runs, giving users the information required to identify the root cause of complex issues and understand the impact of changes. OpenLineage contains an open standard for lineage data collection, a metadata repository reference implementation (Marquez), libraries for common languages, and integrations with data pipeline tools.

At the core of OpenLineage is a standard API for capturing lineage events. Pipeline components - like schedulers, warehouses, analysis tools, and SQL engines - can use this API to send data about runs, jobs, and datasets to a compatible OpenLineage backend for further study.

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