Class OpenLineage.StorageDatasetFacet

    • Method Detail

      • get_producer

        public get_producer()
        Specified by:
        get_producer in interface OpenLineage.DatasetFacet
        URI identifying the producer of this metadata. For example this could be a git url with a given tag or sha
      • get_schemaURL

        public get_schemaURL()
        Specified by:
        get_schemaURL in interface OpenLineage.DatasetFacet
        The JSON Pointer ( URL to the corresponding version of the schema definition for this facet
      • getStorageLayer

        public java.lang.String getStorageLayer()
        Storage layer provider with allowed values: iceberg, delta.
      • getFileFormat

        public java.lang.String getFileFormat()
        File format with allowed values: parquet, orc, avro, json, csv, text, xml.