Class OpenLineage.RunEvent

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      • getEventTime

        public java.time.ZonedDateTime getEventTime()
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        getEventTime in interface OpenLineage.BaseEvent
        the time the event occurred at
      • getProducer

        public getProducer()
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        getProducer in interface OpenLineage.BaseEvent
        URI identifying the producer of this metadata. For example this could be a git url with a given tag or sha
      • getSchemaURL

        public getSchemaURL()
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        getSchemaURL in interface OpenLineage.BaseEvent
        The JSON Pointer ( URL to the corresponding version of the schema definition for this RunEvent
      • getEventType

        public OpenLineage.RunEvent.EventType getEventType()
        the current transition of the run state. It is required to issue 1 START event and 1 of [ COMPLETE, ABORT, FAIL ] event per run. Additional events with OTHER eventType can be added to the same run. For example to send additional metadata after the run is complete