Class OpenLineage.NominalTimeRunFacet

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      • get_producer

        public get_producer()
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        get_producer in interface OpenLineage.RunFacet
        URI identifying the producer of this metadata. For example this could be a git url with a given tag or sha
      • get_schemaURL

        public get_schemaURL()
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        get_schemaURL in interface OpenLineage.RunFacet
        The JSON Pointer ( URL to the corresponding version of the schema definition for this facet
      • getNominalStartTime

        public java.time.ZonedDateTime getNominalStartTime()
        An [ISO-8601]( timestamp representing the nominal start time (included) of the run. AKA the schedule time
      • getNominalEndTime

        public java.time.ZonedDateTime getNominalEndTime()
        An [ISO-8601]( timestamp representing the nominal end time (excluded) of the run. (Should be the nominal start time of the next run)
      • getAdditionalProperties

        public java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> getAdditionalProperties()
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        getAdditionalProperties in interface OpenLineage.RunFacet
        additional properties