Class OpenLineage.DataQualityAssertionsDatasetFacetAssertions

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    public static final class OpenLineage.DataQualityAssertionsDatasetFacetAssertions
    extends java.lang.Object
    model class for DataQualityAssertionsDatasetFacetAssertions
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      java.lang.String getAssertion()  
      java.lang.String getColumn()  
      java.lang.Boolean getSuccess()  
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      • getAssertion

        public java.lang.String getAssertion()
        Type of expectation test that dataset is subjected to
      • getSuccess

        public java.lang.Boolean getSuccess()
      • getColumn

        public java.lang.String getColumn()
        Column that expectation is testing. It should match the name provided in SchemaDatasetFacet. If column field is empty, then expectation refers to whole dataset.